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Top 5 Unexplored Places in North India

 Top 5 Unexplored Places in North India

If you get bored of the same overrated places your family and friends recommend, you should consider visiting one that is popular with tourists and offers a unique experience every time you visit. You don't have to follow the crowd and visit the place that offers a unique experience.

These are the places where you can discover hidden gems of nature, and find tranquility in the midst of nature. It can be difficult to locate these places on a map. We have selected them to make your Northeast trip simple and easy.

All you have to do now is to pack your bags and get on your way to the riches of Northeast India.

Phugtal Gompa in south eastern Zanskar (Ladakh)

The Phugtal Gmpa is found in an isolated corner of Ladakh’s Zanskar Valley. To find peace and a constant supply of positive energy, you can trek down to the popular honeycomb-shaped Buddhist monastery. Phugtal has a fascinating history, heritage and rustic ruins. This monastery is home to more than 100 monks, but it is still very isolated from the outside world.

A Phugtal monastery school is also available that aims at educating local villages about the culture, traditions, and modern curriculum.

If you're looking for tranquility and peace in an unusual location, Phutal Gompa in Zanskar might be the next trail.

Lolab valley, Jammu & Kashmir: Forest of Kalaroos

Lolab valley in Kashmir is a hidden gem surrounded by lust-green valley. Kalaroos caves, a historical cave that is hidden in the Kupwara region of Kashmir, is mysterious. There are many legends and superstitions associated with this place. One of the tunnels is thought to lead to Russia. The valley's aura is irresistible. You can also experience the thrill and beauty of this valley's thriving meadows and stunning landscape. There are many trekking trails that lead to Kashmir's most famous region from the Lolab valley. You can also stay at a few campsites. Horse riding is a great way to experience the majestic Lolab Valley. To know about Kashmir Tourism, you can visit here:

Tirthan valley, Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan, a charming valley in Himachal Pradesh that is covered in snow and attracts many tourists. This valley offers a great escape from monotony and daily grind. It is nestled among the snow-laden peaks and is known for its hidden treasures in the Himalayas.

The expedition can be started by walking to Tirthan's twin valley. Next, you will see the picturesque villages. Relax and enjoy the serenity of the Tirthan river, while you soak your feet in the water.

Raghupur fort and the great Himalayan National Park are two places where you can get closer to Mother Nature. If you're planning on visiting, don't miss these hidden gems.

The picture-perfect Kasol of Himachal Pradesh

Kasol, nestled in the Himalayan landscape, is surrounded by Parvati valley. The unforgiving trekking trails, lush green meadows and enthralling panorama-flavored food are some of the reasons this destination is so popular. It is a gateway to the world for all types of travelers.

Your adventure may start with a trek uphill. Then, you might go on to mountain viewing and then relax in the meadows.

There are many other stunning cafes and bakeries in the area, including the Moon Dance Cafe and River View Cafe, Evergreen Cafe and Buddha Place. You can also enjoy the stunning views of nature while enjoying delicious local food.

Gharials sunbathing on Chambal River bank

India is home to many places that do not reflect its unique cultural diversity, dynasty and historical heritage. One such spot in India is Chamba, which has been a popular tourist destination for both history lovers and those looking for solace amid natural wonders. Begin your exploration by admiring the many museums, miniature paintings, traditional musical instruments, and other unique places. You can then take a boat ride to Chamera Lake or Chamera Dam, Panch Pulla and enjoy stargazing. You can also indulge your shopaholic urge by buying handicrafts or unique minotaur paintings to gift your loved one.

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Best Romantic Hill Stations In India to Visit in 2022

   Best Romantic Hill Stations In India To Visit in 2022

Imagine waking up with your beloved one and looking out your window at the breathtaking panoramic view the mountains have to offer. Aren't you smitten? It's priceless to have the pleasure of bonding with close proximity to your favorite. The romantic hills of India provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing time in snow, cold and sip a cup of hot coffee.

You can play in the some snow on your deck, take longer walks together with your beloved one on lonely roads, and take in the sunset as you share your passion in the background of the mountains like in the movie. Thus, you should try in making your trip memorable by visiting some sought-after hills with your partner like Leh Ladakh, known by its mountains, with steep slopes as well as Chamba known for its breathtaking diversity of wildlife and plants.

1. Srinagar:

Srinagar is located on Srinagar, which is located in the Kashmir Valley, is the capital city during summertime in Srinagar, which is located in the Jammu and Kashmir union territory. It is situated on the riverbanks along the Jhelum River. The town is known for its homes, gardens waterfronts, handicrafts and the natural surroundings. Mughal Gardens, Hazratbal Mosque, Shankaracharya Temple, and Pari Mahal Garden are among the most romantic places in Srinagar.

You can also enjoy the peace of the famous Dal Lake and its floating gardens by taking a trip in a shikara or by making a reservation for a luxurious stay on houseboats. There is also a range of Srinagar tours which offer a full trip to the city that includes confirmed stays in hotels that are rated the best.

2. Chamba:

Chamba is one town within Himachal Pradesh and is famous for its temples, palaces and breathtaking surroundings. Chamba is located along the Ravi river's banks. Chamba is known as a popular hill station which attracts a lot of couples to take an intimate getaway. Couples who are enthralled by adventure, you can take a hike on the breathtaking path up to Dainkund summit, offering amazing views of the town of.

You can also visit areas such as those of the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Chamera Lake as well as Khajjiar Lake, which are set in beautiful green forests as well as some snow-capped mountains. There are a number of temples to visit in a group for blessings include Champavati Temple, Banni Mata Temple, Akhand Chandi Temple and many more.

3. Munnar:

Munnar (Kashmir located in Southern India) is a Kerala place that is a hilly area located on the Western Ghats mountainous region. Munnar's tea plantations as well as its nice climate make it a desirable place for lovers. The outdoors and camping as well as getting ayurvedic treatments are beneficial ways to discover more about the local wildlife and plant life.

Attukal Waterfalls, Echo Point, Eravikulam National Park The Echo Point, Eravikulam National Park Thattekad Bird Sanctuary are some places that could add to your romantic memories. You can also have a private Shikara boat cruise with your loved one in the Kundala lake, or take breathtaking photos in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

4. Leh Ladakh:

The territory that is part of the union of Ladakh believes Leh as its capital city. It is also among the most famous exotic holiday destinations in India for people who love. The serene Pangong Lake, picturesque Magnetic Hills, Hemis National Park, and the Shanti Stupa are among the most beautiful destinations for visitors.

It is believed that the Zanskar Valley is an ideal area for adventure sports such as hiking, camping, kayaking, and rafting. You can also take the roads leading towards Khardung La Pass together, making it a romantic getaway.

5. Ooty:

Ooty (also called Udagamandalam is a hill station town in the Nilgiri Hills and is also called"the "Queen of the Hills." It is a sought-after romantic and honeymoon resort featuring stunning tourist attractions like Ooty Lake, Catherine Falls, Botanical Gardens, and numerous other attractions.

There is an option to cycle along the hill towards Emerald Dam and lake by hiring a bicycle to experience the breathtaking sunrise and sunset together. If you're in search of romantic getaways, Doddabetta Peak is the perfect spot to walk in the forest's dense surrounds and on the top there can be an incredible Telescope House that provides stunning views of the city.

6. Shillong:

Shillong is considered to be the capital city of Meghalaya It is one of the most well-known hill stations in northern in India and is referred to as"the "Scotland of the East" due to its hills. Umiam Lake, Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, Lady of Hydari Park, and the Evening Club are among the best places to go to in Shillong for those who love to dance.

It is also possible to spend the majority of your time jogging or relaxing at Ward's Lake If you prefer to be completely alone. Another breathtaking place in Shillong can be seen in The Elephant Falls, which is made by three falls and is and is surrounded by lush fern-covered rocks structures.

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5 Mesmerizing treks in India

            5 Mesmerizing treks in India

India can boast an abundance of stunning Himalayan valleys and mountains. Over the years, these valleys have led to some of the most excellent trekking routes across the world. Serene grasslands, vibrant and captivating meadows covered trekking trails and unique wildlife and flora are the guarantee of your trek.

Thrillophilia provide you with a list of the most breathtaking treks in India which range from beginner levels to advanced levels of difficulty. The treks come with accommodation with a supervisor for trainers and meals on the stunning mountain ranges that can allow you to live a nomadic life.

The unremarkable Bali trek pass takes you to the top at an altitude of 5000ft above surface, and as you climb you'll see the most beautiful lakes and the most stunning views of the mountains. In addition the holy pilgrimage destination of Kedarnath is another stunning hiking route you must not overlook.

The treks that you can take in India are the best opportunity to appreciate beauty of the Himalayan beauty and feel an intimate connection to the stunning natural landscape and beauty all around you. Get ready to dive into a relaxing hiking adventure and get away from the typical busyness as you trek through the Himalayan mountains.

  1. The valley of flowers trek situated at an elevation of 14400 feet The valley of flowers is a tranquil trekking stop that everyone who travels should go to at least at least once. Filled with the prettiest and exotic species of flowers such as daisies and calendula flowers, saxifrages and lilies as well as poppy. This hiking trail will allow you to feel a an authentic and unique connection to the natural world surrounding you.

The most beautiful time to look at the lush valley of flowers is from July through August during the time when the blooms are at their peak. The hike is comprised of a 3 day climb to the top and is suitable for novice to intermediate trekkers.

2. Chopta Trek - Located at an elevation over 8000 feet. The breathtaking Chopta trek should be included on the bucket lists of yours. When you climb up the hill, you'll be able to enjoy breathtaking panoramas of lush valleys distinctive flora and fauna, as well as mountains unlike any other.

The Chopta trek starts from the base camp from which you can pick any of the trekking routes like trek to Tungnath or trek to Deoria Tal, and much further.

It is Chopta Trek is an advanced standard trek. As you climb up the hill you'll be able to see lush green pastures, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and valleys that offer a scenic experience unlike any other.

3. Kedarnath trek - the famous Kedarnath trek, or Kedarnath Yatra is a trip to the most stunning religious attraction in India The beautiful Kedarnath temple that is perched on the highest peak of Uttarakhand mountains. Each year, the temple is opened following Akshay Truitya, and draws an immense number of worshippers from all over the world.

The pleasant hike begins in Gaurikund along the tranquil trails through stunning greenery with vibrant flower alleys, smooth streams, and rugged terrain that makes this hiking adventure an arduous one. When you get to the summit and you are amazed by the stunning panoramas of the Kedarnath temple, which is surrounded by stunning mountains that are covered in snow.

4. Bali Pass trekking - Known to be one of the most sophisticated levels of trekking passes in India and certainly not for the faint inclined, Bali trek passes promise stunning views from the summit despite difficult terrain and challenging trekking route. The trek starts right in close proximity to the base camp in Sankri village. As you move through Garhwali villages and forests you will encounter trek routes that are covered in snow. They are located from the Bali Base Camp.

The trek routes will take passengers to beautiful lakes, including Ruinsara Tal which is 3360 feet. Supin rivers and much more. The trek along the Yamunotri valley is sure to offer you a sensational experience like none other.

5. Beas Kudn Trek - Perched far from the bustling ambiance of Manali Beas Kudn Trek - The Beas Kund trek is one of the most beautiful routes for beginners to embark onto. Thai treks will traverse through stunning meadows that are green in the Himalayan valleys. You will see the stunning wildlife and flora, and more. The stunning images of the River Beas, and the flow it takes through the valleys of the mountains is an experience that will be etched in your mind forever. Enjoy a truly nomadic lifestyle on

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The most popular camping locations in Uttarakhand

The most popular camping locations in


A paradise for nature lovers and adventurers, Uttarakhand boasts plenty of beautiful camping sites amid nature's beauty. From relaxing in serene surroundings to engaging in exciting activities during the day camping in Uttarakhand offers the ideal blend of relaxation and luxury.

Set up a tent in close proximity of holy rivers, or have an exciting camping experience in the forest or spend some time with a stunning view of green valleys as well as the Himalayan Mountains. Camping is an endless source of pleasure and excitement. Uttarakhand is filled with camping spots, such as Nainital, Rishikesh, Auli, Binsar, Shivpuri, where you can have the best experiences.

1. Shivpuri

The most well-known campsite in Uttarakhand, Shivpuri, is only 16 kilometers away from Rishikesh. It is a favorite destination for campers and travelers. It has camping sites on the white-sand shores the Ganges and its numerous tributaries.

The campsite offers a broad selection of exciting and thrilling activities, from nature walks, bonfires, volleyball and music, mountaineering climbing, bungee jumping, hiking and kayaking, to white-water rafting. It is possible to reserve anything from basic tents up to luxury ones, and pick a variety of packages according to your budget and your preferences. The peaceful atmosphere, serene scenery, and the thrilling adventures make camping at Shivpuri one of the most unforgettable memories.

The best time to camp is Between December and March and mid-September through November

2. Nainital

Nainital is one of the most well-known hill stations in Uttarakhand. Nainital is also a great camping options. There are numerous spots for camping , as well as a myriad of exciting activities to take part in. The most popular attraction is the mandarin-shaped lake. The adventure camps are located on the outskirts of the city close to the nature.

It is possible to participate in nature walks and nighttime treks including rock climbing and paragliding and birdwatching, or even rappelling. You can spend enjoying a relaxing time by the fire or document all the wonder of nature using your camera, creating a collection of photographs to treasure. Check out Thrillophilia Reviews on twitter of camping adventures which aren't the norm in Nainital and then book your next adventure with us to enjoy some unforgettable moments.

The ideal moment to stay in camp between March and June

3. Kanatal

The mountain is situated at a height of 2590m, over sea level. Kanatal is a spot that has stunning natural splendor and peaceful ambience. It's far away from the bustle of cities , and has camping sites in the midst nature. Mother Nature.

In the middle of a lush and lush forest with the lush forests, it is possible to unwind under the stars , walk through the Kodia's Kodia Jungle, offer prayers at the famous Surkanda Temple, and practice yoga or meditation. It's a perfect spot for trekkers, hikers nature enthusiasts, campers, and photographers because of its stunning views and exciting activities like zip-lining, valley crossing, among other things.

The ideal time to camp is between April and June , and from October to February

4. Corbett

Another stunning spot to enjoy to experience camping in Uttarakhand is Jim Corbett National Park. This department is ecotourism and provides various camping options within the Reserve. You can stay in safari-style luxury tents in the Sitabani forest or close to the Ramganga River or cottage camps in Dhikuli, Mohan village, or Ringoda.

In addition to camping, you'll also be able observe wild animals, and even massive cats, such as they are known as the Royal Bengal Tigers. There are numerous experiences to choose from, such as walking, trekking or elephant safaris, serene nature walks or watching birds. Check out the Thrillophilia reviews on Trustpilot on Camping In Jim Corbett to discover what the trip is like. You can also book your stay with us to make unforgettable memories.

The most ideal moment to stay in camp between November and June

5. Auli

Within Amidst the Himalayan mountains, which are at an altitude of 8,200 feet. Auli is well known as a camping and winter sports location in Uttarakhand. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the valleys, mountains along with Oak forests. It is also a reviving atmosphere.

In this region it is possible to sleep in a tent located near the stunning Chattrakund Lake or in the middle of Bugyal or in the forests. In addition to camping, you can opt to hike through the stunning Forest Gurso Bugyal, enjoy a cable car ride, or take in the stunning sights of Auli. If you're planning to visit in winter, there are numerous winter sports you can take advantage of.

The most ideal time to camp is All year long From November until March for winter sports.

6. Chopta

Chopta offers a peaceful and clean place to unwind and enjoy a relaxing camping experience free of the bustle of people. It is located in the breathtaking hills of snow. it is a stunning view, peaceful and stunning surroundings.

Chopta is situated at an elevation of 8 790 feet high above the sea in the Rudraprayag district. It is the perfect spot for camping. In this region you can go out for sleeping under the cover of the stars. awake to stunning views of the stunning Chaukhamba and the Chopta Nanda Devi range and take part in hikes, rock climbing, and other outdoor pursuits. There are a variety of tents in Chopta such as dome tents as well as family tents.

The most suitable time to camp: From April through November

7. Binsar

It is known as the most important jewel in Kumaon Hills. Kumaon Hills. It has a variety of landscapes. It is situated near the ancient Silk Route and is surrounded by oak and rhododendron.

It's the perfect spot for camping in Uttarakhand with simple and comfortable camping tents which allow guests to enjoy a true natural vacation. In addition to the camping experience guests can also participate in canyon and riverside hikes, crossing and rappelling, climbing rock as well as nature walks, bonfires, bird watching as well as other fun activities. You can also go to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary to see different species of wildlife as well as visit the temples that date back to the past near by, where you can make prayers and ask for blessings.

The best time to camp is Between October to November



In the southern region of the Indian Arabian Sea coastline, Kerala can blend the tropical beach with centuries of historic significance. Kerala is known as God's Own' Country due to its breathtaking natural beauty and scenic beauty and food play a significant role in the things Kerala is known for.

The trade-in spices first led to the arrival of Europeans into this region and it is today more popular for its laid-back beach lifestyle. Let's look at the top tourist destinations in Kerala!


Kerala is the home of a 600-kilometer coastline across the western region of the Indian Malabar Coast, and a significant portion of it is made up of stunning sandy beaches. Ask anyone about what Kerala is famous for and beaches in the state are sure to be high in the rankings. There's a good reason for this.

There are a variety of choices for lodging options and other activities in the vicinity of the most popular Kerala beaches that you can explore during the Kerala excursion such as Varkala, Kovalam, and Kappad. There are plenty of spots to relax on towels and take a soak up the warm sun's rays and the most popular area is adorned with sun loungers, umbrellas as well as water activities. The beaches to the west make the perfect spot for romantic sunsets too.


The coastline in Kerala is a popular tourist attraction, it's not the only water-based tourist attraction that can be discovered. In Kerala, the "backwaters" are a series of saltwater lagoons that are in a parallel line to the coastline and are connected by beautiful canals. They are an additional reason for tourists to visit the region. India.

They will be 900 km in total length. These backwaters can be visited by visitors on houseboats. These traditional wooden structures sail in the calm backwaters, transporting tourists, not spices and other things they transported once from one area to another.

They're backed by traditional thatched roofs. They are floating homes, with bathrooms as well as lounges and kitchens. They're excellent alternatives to hotels.


Today, India is a state that is united similar to what most countries composed of several historical city-states. That means the layout of the cities and towns of Kerala may be very distinctive from the cities of the country.

In addition, Kerala's history as a blend of native princely states, Portuguese trading posts, and British-ruled land means that there is more architectural history to explore than any other part of India.

For instance, Kowdiar Palace in Thiruvananthapuram was constructed by the maharajah in the 1930s to pay tribute to his sister. Kannur is well-known due to its St Angelo Fort, constructed in 1505 by the very first Portuguese inhabitants who settled in the region. Malabar Coast.


Traditionally, the meal is served on the fresh and green mature banana leaf Kerala's cuisine is typically defined by a typical meal called sadya. It is comprised of more than 28 dishes. The sheer number of meals that are served is hard to explain exactly what you'll experience on an occasion.

However, we can say that it's made of simple white rice that is which is used as the base for different fritters made of vegetables, pickles deep-fried pulses, and other food products. Alongside a variety of delicious desserts, the thing that makes each dish sadya is the intense mixture of spices that are used - not to provide warmth to the tongue, but to change the flavor subtly.


The history of the region may not be one of some of the most notable things Kerala is famous for, but take one second and you'll see that Kerala is an intriguing historical past.

Travel to Kochi in the region, and you'll be able to see an area that's not solely impacted by European powers such as the Portuguese or the Dutch and also Arab traders from The Middle East, and even the Chinese and Chinese in general, a few hundred years ago.

There is no need to go far to discover an aspect of Kerala's rich culture. Visit Kozhikode (Calicut) and you'll walk in the footsteps of the famous pioneer Vasco da Gama. He arrived in the 1490s, after having completed his journey around Africa first.

The significance of the museum's archeological importance must not be ignored. In addition, Munnar's Kannan Devan Tea Museum guides visitors through the process of how tea became a sought-after drink.


Sometimes, it is referred to as the oldest method of healthcare worldwide, Ayurvedic therapies have been practiced in Kerala for many centuries. They should be part of the list of items Kerala is renowned for.

It's a form of treatment that is based on massages made with oils and herbs, in conjunction with yoga and meditation. This is why it's thought of as an experience in a spa rather than an appointment with a doctor. The only thing you can be sure of is that you'll walk away from every treatment by the Ayurvedic practitioner feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  • Lively FESTIVALS

Drums blast their powerful beats right across your body. Temple elephants wandering around streets with stunning costumes. Boats as long as 20 meters can be seen floating down the backwaters in Kerala. This is exactly the kind of thing that you will see in the celebrations that take place in Kerala.

The Christmas season as well as Onam the Muslim celebration during the month of Eid is celebrated but it's Onam which is observed by all households of the state. In connection with the idea of the harvest festival, elaborate meals are prepared to commemorate Mahabali the god-king, who has given the state prosperity.


Beyond the beaches, hills are the thing that Kerala is famous for. A collection of lush hills rise away from the ocean and provide a breathtaking background to take in the cool elevations. The town's quiet escape from the bigger cities in the state.

They are also home to numerous wildlife refuges in addition. They're also a top tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists who want to walk paths of walking through the forest and tea plantations of Kerala.

Which is KERALA well-known for? THE VERDICT

Kerala is a well-known destination due to its long and expansive beaches but there's a lot beyond the Indian state that doesn't have sandy beaches. Kerala is also an intriguing cultural background that goes back the millennia-old and is a stunning scenery of backwaters and hills too.

Top 5 Unexplored Places in North India

  Top 5 Unexplored Places in North India If you get bored of the same overrated places your family and friends recommend, you should conside...